CSz Improv Classes Are Good Creative Fun!

I previously worked for a very large global consulting firm in which we would frequent client sites. “You will find yourself in meetings in which you are asked very difficult questions” my boss told me, “Critical thinking is an essential skill set in our field and it is something every employee here should have”. She told me the best way (besides flat out experience) to develop this skill, was to take an improv class. To her credit, she epitomized ‘out of the box’ thinking.

So I googled Indianapolis improv and came across ComedySportz. I signed up for the level 1 class and quickly discovered that I wasn’t the stellar communicator I thought I was. That class taught me the most basic of improv skills which translated easily not only into my professional life, but into my personal life as well. I found the class to be an immense amount of fun and it was a great opportunity to meet new people and network. Each week’s class would go by too quickly for my liking and I found myself counting the days to the next class.

Naturally, when level 1 ended, I progressed on to level 2 and level 3 which focused a bit more on the performance aspect of improv. ComedySportz has just the right teachers and curriculum for each level. It pushed me to get better without feeling pressured.

I soon realized the stark contrast of improv against my corporate job had become my creative outlet. Due to the nature of improv and the different group each time, I continued taking the higher level classes multiple times. I highly recommend taking these classes for any client-facing employee, or anyone who just wants to have healthy, creative fun on a weekly basis.

– Joe Ottaviano, Carmel, IN

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