Think You're Funny?

Think you’re funny?  Want to get more comfortable performing in front of large groups?   Take a beginning, intermediate or advanced improv class!

Learn From The Pros

Our Instructors are professional improvisers, actors, teachers, and coaches. Whether you want to get better at public speaking, grow as a performer or make new friends, our Instructors have your back! We’ll start you with the basics in 101, expand into scenework in 201, move into character study and performance with 301, and work on special improvisational skills with the master-level 401. From your first ice breaker to your final class show, our team of expert instructors is there to support your growth as an improviser every step of the way.

All classes and performances happen right in our home arena on Mass. Ave. in the heart of the Indianapolis Arts and Theatre district.

CSz Education students experience some excellent perks including FREE admission to see ComedySportz.

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Class Schedule

Level 1: Beginning Improv

IMPROV 101– This class is for the beginners with no practical experience in theatrical improvisation. This class will cover the basics such as: overcoming inhibitions; listening; agreement; working as an ensemble; full use of the body; as well as starting to find characters.

Up next:

Starting March 27th, going for 8 Tuesdays-7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Instructor: TBD

Level 2: Intermediate Improv

IMPROV 201– This intermediate class is for people who have completed Improv 101, or who have a limited amount of experience with improvisation. The focus of this class will be on creating and sustaining improvised scenes. It will also further explore improvising characters and environment, as well as introducing the elements of rhyming and wordplay.

Up next: Starting March 26th, going for 8 Mondays – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Instructor: TBD

Level 3: Advanced Improv

IMPROV 301– This performance level class is designed for people who have completed Improv 201 or who at least have some experience performing improvisation. In addition to introducing music, this class will teach styles, games and approaches to performing for a live audience. This workshop will culminate in a final performance to which students may invite friends and family.

Up next: Starting March 25th, going for 8 Sundays – 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Instructor: TBD

Level 4: Master Level Classes

IMPROV LEVEL 4 CLASSES– This performance level class is designed for people who have completed all prior Levels (101-301) or have received prior permission from the CSz Artistic Staff.

Level 4 has a specific focus for each session.  Past classes have focused on Musical Improv, Long Form Improvisation, and ComedySportz Rec League.

Instructor: TBD
The focus of this semester’s class is TBD