Cinderella Unscripted: An Adult Fairytale


Looking for something to do on Fridays in February?  Maybe a show that is fun, familiar, feisty, and not-so-family-friendly?  How about this…

The Fairy Godmother. The glass slipper. The royal ball. The adorable mice. The magical coach made of . . . an NBA regulated basketball carrying Dominos-Ella to meet Prince Halitosis? In their popular Friday Late Night Series, the improvisers at CSz Indianapolis will be re-telling the famous romantic story with its late-night hit, “Cinderella, Unscripted: An Adult Fairy Tale.”

Audience suggestions will contribute to the 90-minute performance that is loosely-plotted and largely improvised. A popular offering every late winter, “Cinderella, Unscripted” is a show for adults looking for a unique night out. Unlike traditional ComedySportz matches with all-ages guidelines, all bets are off and anything can happen when the improvisers hit the stage. Only those aged 17 and older are permitted to attend. The show will run on Friday nights at 10pm from February 5 – February 22, 2016.

“‘Cinderella, Unscripted’ really brings the silly,” says Chad Woodward, veteran improviser at CSz. “There’s lots of room for audience suggestions, and it’s hard not to enjoy yourself onstage when you’re singing a romantic ballad about Kleenex, or the prince throws a ‘Walking Dead’ themed ball. Plus it’s a perfect fun night out for Valentine’s Day.”

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