ComedySportz is pretty great, right?  Man, what a shame we’re only in Indianapolis.

PSYCH!  ComedySportz is all over the map!

So, we aren’t the only ones who do CSz-related shows in the states.  We’re the only ones in Indiana, but there are 23 other awesome cities in the US with a ComedySportz team and two over seas (one in Germany and one in Manchester, UK).

That’s a lot of funny people.

Sometimes, we’re even lucky enough to have players visit from other cities!


Like Rene Duquesnoy (center), from CSz Chicago!


Or Sean Paraventi (right) from CSz Detroit!


Or Lauren Vaughn from CSz Richmond, Elizabeth Guerra from CSz Boston, or Stacey Smith from CSz Chicago!

Basically, we know a lot of cool people that like to do improv.  And they’re from pretty much everywhere!  Visiting somewhere in the US (or Manchester, UK or Berlin, Germany)?  See if there’s a ComedySportz nearby!