Frequently Asked Questions

So what is this “ComedySportz” thing?  Comedy about sports?

ComedySportz is improvised comedy played as a sport.  Two teams of trained improvisers play head-to-head in the Jonathan Byrd ComedySportz Arena for the laughs of our loyal fans (i.e. audience) and for a trophy awarded at the end of the match.  It’s a jam-packed hour and a half of short-form improvised fun and competition.  ComedySportz has been our flagship show at CSz Indianapolis since 1993.

What is short-form improv?

Short-form is the oldest and most common form of improvised comedy around the world. TV shows like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and Nick Cannon’s “Wild n’ Out” are examples of this type of entertainment.

The average short-form improv show consists of a series of theater games that last normally 3-6 minutes each. Common hallmarks of a short-form show are a host (in our case, a referee) who comes to the audience in between the games to ask for suggestions and/or to explain how the next game works.

Is ComedySportz for kids or adults?

ComedySportz is comedy for everyone!  Each show is improvised, or made up on the spot, based on audience suggestions.   Our referees enforce the “Brown Bag Foul” for potty-mouthed players…or audience members, keeping our show friendly to families and fun for all.  At our matches, our audiences have run the gamut from kids’ birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, first dates, anniversaries, and just having a night off from work.  Join us for a good laugh!

You really make up the whole show?

That’s right!  Our trained improvisers play games based on your suggestions.  Since every audience is different, every show (or “match”) is different!

When do you have shows?

We hold ComedySportz matches year-round every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 10pm.  Other shows are offered in our theatre on (some) Thursdays and Fridays at 10pm that are not ComedySportz.

Do you offer any adults-only performances?

You bet your bippy!  Come to see any of our Friday Late Nite Series, on any Friday @ 10pm.  These performances are NOT ComedySportz and are performances for audiences ages 17+.  Shows rotate in this time spot based on seasonal availability.  Check out our page or give us a call at 317-951-8499 for more info.


Getting Tickets

How is seating arranged in your theatre?

Our house can hold a maximum capacity of 80 people; it’s cabaret style with chairs at tables.  Because of this set up, we do reserved seating.

How can I reserve a seat?

Buy your tickets in advance.  If you’re part of a larger party, just let us know over the phone when you call or tell us in the “notes” section when buying tickets online who you will be joining.  Also, if you have a party of 20 or more, give us a call to discuss a discounted group rate!
Tickets must be paid for in advance in order to reserve seats.  We do seating on a first-purchased, first-seated basis, so the earlier the better!  Please call (317) 951-8499 for availability and advance ticket sales.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance, since that ensures your seats are saved, particularly if you have a larger party.  However, any tickets not sold in advance will be sold at the door.  You’re welcome to buy any tickets we have left when doors open; we’d love to have you!  Keep in mind that our shows in any time slot have been known to sell out.  If purchasing tickets at the door, it’s best to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the performance to try to get the best seats possible for your whole party.  Subject to availability.

Do you have food and drinks there?

Yes!  We serve ball park fare of cheeseburgers, large soft pretzels, popcorn, and the like.  For drinks, we serve soft drinks (Coke products), beer, and wine.  That said, there is no food or drink minimum at our performances.
We are also located on Massachusetts Avenue, next to some yummy restaurants if you would prefer to eat before or after the match.


Make things up with us!

Tell me more about your classes, please.

Fine.  Only because you said please. (Kidding!  But I really do appreciate your manners.)
We offer three levels (101-301) based on mastery of improv, all lead by our own, professional improvisers/instructors.  Classes are offered once a quarter for a maximum of 15 students per level.  (Level 1, our introductory course, fills up the quickest.) You can learn more at our Adult Improv Classes page.    

How can I get someone I care about in a class with CSz Education?

If you know their availability and their improv experience, go ahead and check out our class schedule and register for classes.
Another option is our excellent Electronic Gift Cards.  Amounts can range from a ticket to a ComedySportz match to an Improv Class Registration.
Please note that the purchase of an Electronic Gift Card does not reserve space in a class.  Gift Cards must be claimed by phone or online.

Do I have to graduate from CSz’s Improv Education to audition?

Our annual tryouts/auditions are open to the public.  That said, there isn’t a training program offered in Indianapolis that is better suited to prepare you for ComedySportz than CSz Education.  We give you the games, genres, musical styles, and other tools used by our professionals to make improv gold.

Speaking of auditions….

Glad you asked!
Our annual tryouts (It’s a sport, remember?) take place in late summer with a $5 drop-in class the week before.  The drop-in class is optional, but it’s a great way to brush up and get some pointers from a couple of our pros.
Our next tryouts will take place around the same time in 2017 and will (as always) be open to the public.  Keep an eye out for details!



Events, Corporate Training, and More!

How can I have ComedySportz come to my party/event/fun time elsewhere?

Give us a call!  Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Ashley Hamman, would be happy to talk to you about what CSz Indianapolis can offer!

What about team building?  Do you do that?

Sure thing!  We offer our CSz Business Training, where we work on soft skills and building your team to be the best it can be.  Contact Ashley for more details and pricing to find out how we can tailor a session for your group!

My question wasn’t answered!  Where can I get more information?

We appreciate your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your question.  Give us a call during office hours at 317-439-9391 or send an e-mail to info@cszindianapolis.com .