Friday Late Nite

Friday Late Nite Shows:
Every Friday at 10:00 PM!

– Our Adults Only Shows rotate throughout the year.  Call us at 317-951-8499 or check here for show availability! –


Friday nights at 10pm is for grown-ups at the CSz Indianapolis Theatre. You must be at least 17 years or older to attend shows in this Friday night time slot. Shows you might see at 10pm on Fridays could be from our Unscripted Series, Gal Pal Comedy Festival, Long-Form Improvisation, AMUSE-ical the Improvised Musical, or other sketch comedy groups.


On Now…..



UGLI: Under Ground Live Improv

CSz Indianapolis performers present a short form performance like you have never seen before.
In this format, see games we deem either too risky or too risque for our all-ages shows.
Watch out; things might get…..ugly.
Tickets are $10.


Up Next…


Unscripted Series

We have 4 different shows presented in the Unscripted Series. “A Christmas Carol, Unscripted”, “Cinderella, Unscripted” , “The Headless Horseman, Unscripted” and “Oz, Unscripted. Prior to the show the audience is asked to write down lines onto pieces of paper. These lines can be song lyrics, famous quotes, bumper stickers or anything they want to have the actors say on stage. Remember, this is an adult show! During the show, the actors will pull the paper out and read what is on the paper as their line. They then have to justify why they said it. This is where the hilarity begins.