Nickname: Robert “Foul” Bolyard

Hometown:  Panorama City, CA [where The Office (US) was shot, and as mentioned in Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?]

Favorite Game: Sounds Like a Song!

Robert started doing improv in 2011 (and joining us in Indy in 2016) because he wanted a non-musical hobby, but pretty soon it got fully incorporated into his life as a professional musician.  He basically uses improv as a way to riff on all the video game and musical theater tunes constantly floating around in his head so they don’t slip out when playing services at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Zionsville, where he is the music director.  When not at work, Robert can be found at home knitting, watching “Murder, She Wrote,” and/or playing video games alongside his husband Andrew and their cat Margo.