November Person of the Month

Please welcome one of our newest members at CSz Indianapolis –  Jessica Kenworthy! Jessica has been around improv for a long time; she’s pretty awesome, has good hair, works as a ‘bean counter’ at her grown-up job, handles being a mom of twin girls, Ava and Grace, and older brother, Nolan…. and works really hard as a new co-owner here at CSz Indy. Phew! We are proud to have her on board and for being such a support to all our players.


CSz: Why and when did you join ComedySportz?

J:  My husband, Todd, has been a player with ComedySportz Indy for 10 years.  While I’ve been welcomed as part of the CSz “family” for that long as well, I didn’t officially join until I became a part owner this past July.

CSz: What is your job at CSz?

J: I’m responsible for the numbers – accounting, budgeting and paying the bills! (Thank you for our paychecks and keeping the lights on, Jessica!) 

I actually got involved in ComedySportz because I thought my husband, Todd, needed more improv in his life.  I signed him up for the level 2 workshop in early 2005 without telling him… and told him the week-of that he needed to show up for the class.  He had taken several workshops at Second City in Chicago in the prior years and really enjoyed it.  I wanted to find something in Indy that would give him that creative outlet, and that led me to ComedySportz!  CSz has been part of our lives ever since.  It’s really become an extended family of sorts; everyone provides love and support to everyone involved.

CSz: What do you think is your biggest talent?

J: Making some mean frozen dinosaur chicken nuggets and oven fries.

CSz: Your best childhood memory?

J: I spent nearly every summer at  CYO Camp in Brown County (Indiana).  It was my happy place.  Now my kids are carrying on the tradition.  jess02

CSz: What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

J: I have a scar on the top of my left hand from an unfortunate run in with a slide at King’s Island when I was 4.

CSz: Sweet tooth or savory tooth? I can never decide, personally.

J: Both! My husband’s nickname for me is Snacks because of my love of ALL the foods.

CSz: What did you want to be when you were little?

J: I wanted to be Bette Midler.  Really.  I wanted to be a singer and an actress.  Thankfully, my parents helped me realize that I had zero talent in either area and convinced me to focus on a vocation in which I would stand a chance of finding employment.

CSz: Oh, that’s kinda sad! To lighten the mood, what is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

J: Do-si-dos…frozen.

CSz: Excellent choice! So, where do you want to travel but have never been?jess03

J: There are too many to list, but I love to combine travel with hobbies. I’d love to do a marathon on every continent.  There’s a marathon where you run the Great Wall of China that would be really cool.

CSz: Do you have any projects coming up you’d like to brag about?

J: No, unless hanging pictures in my house counts.

CSz: I would come to watch that! Hey, Snacks, thanks……we are glad to have you here at CSz and look forward to some great years together! Can I have some of your energy?