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Headless Horseman: Unscripted

With the cool winds blowing in, the leaves changing, and the over-saturation of pumpkin-flavored treats, the autumnal tradition of Headless Horseman: Unscripted at CSz Indianapolis has arrived once again.  The popular late-night, full-length show will play on Fridays at 10:00 PM, September 29th through October 27th at The CSz Theatre.

Not to be confused with the customary ComedySportz matches on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Headless Horseman, Unscripted is an adults-only spin on the classic tale of Ichabod Crane and the ghost with no noggin. There is no referee, no Brown Bag Foul, and attendees must be 17 or older to attend. The audience is encouraged to shout suggestions when prompted, and to contribute to the “Blind Line Bucket” throughout the show.

“The Blind Line Bucket is one way we keep the show fresh and different every time,” says Jeff Clawson, veteran improviser with CSz Indianapolis.  “Audience members write down lines of dialogue and we pick them out at random throughout the evening and say them out loud.  It’s our job to make them make sense within the context of the show.  Some lines are shocking, some are silly, some crack us up…and we just have to keep going.  Our 10pm crowds can get pretty rowdy.”

Tickets are $14

For tickets, visit our Event Calendar or give us a call at 317-951-8499

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ScaryTales: Improvised Ghost Stories

This October, gather ’round the campfire for some spooky stories with CSz Indianapolis’s improvisers-(What’s that?  We’re not allowed to set fires on the stage?  Okay, that makes sense.  No real campfires, then.  We’ll just make the stories extra scary.  And funny.  Scary funny. )  Join us for the inaugural performances of ScaryTales: Improvised Ghost Stories.  The show is a completely improvised scary story told by some of our professional improvisers.  It’s sure to be a night filled with screams and howls of laughter.

Tickets are $10

For tickets, visit our ScaryTales Event Page or give us a call at 317-951-8499

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