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Time Car!

May is a special time in Indianapolis; most notably because of the relaunch of the smash hit “Time Car: An Improvised Parody of Back to the Future”.  The show is a romp through time that follows a boy stranded in the past because of a fuel efficiency issues with his doctor friend’s time machine.  The improvisers of CSz Indianapolis (home of ComedySportz) take audiences on a ninety-minute journey of laughs.  

The show will be performed Saturdays at 10 PM on May 6, 13, 20, and 27; it is a show for those who are aged 17 and above. Unlike the usual ComedySportz matches that occur at the CSz Indy Theatre at 7:30 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (along with 4:30 PM Saturdays), this Late Night Series show has no referee to keep the adult content under control. Audiences will guide the plot through suggestions and Blind Lines, which are lines of dialogue the crowd will provide throughout the show.

“Creating Time Car was a dream that started several years ago.” says Rick Randjelovic, co-owner of ComedySportz Indianapolis and creator of “Time Car”.  “There was so much energy and joy put into the creation and that really comes through in the final production.  Our improvisers get to be a part of a show that pays homage to a movie with cultural impact over thirty years later.  If you love “Back to the Future” (and who doesn’t), this is the show for you!”

You don’t need a DeLorean to get in on the fun of Time Car.  To get tickets, call CSz Indianapolis at 317-951-8499 or CLICK HERE to purchase online.

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