Do You Need G.U.T.S.?

Looking for team building? Our Group Unity Training Seminars (GUTS) embody experiential training at its best.  Our workshops are engaging, interactive, meaningful and entertaining. We showcase and analyze the elements that make improvisation successful, then provide empowering applications. Plus, our right-brained approach gives all attendees a memorable experience laughing as much as learning.

All the seminars in the world won’t do any good unless the people–the members of your team–become actively involved, understand the basic theory and then see it successfully applied.  Our method is a common sense, hands-on, get-up-off-your-chair-and-have-fun approach that will have your group energized, laughing and communicating.

Pacers GUTS 3-14-17

It’s simple:  When people are having fun, they’re relaxed.  When they’re relaxed, they’re listening.  When they’re listening, well…that’s when real communication takes place.  And that’s good!

Every office is different.  That’s why we’ll design workshop sessions to address your particular needs, such as

  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Risk Taking
  • Customer Service
  • Creativity

We’ve presented Group Unity Training Seminars for dozens of companies, a few of them are listed here.  Work groups from these companies were treated to a work-enhancing experience like no other!  Call CSz Indianapolis for a free assessment and find out how to get your people motivated today!

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