Top Seven Halloween Activities in Indianapolis

Looking for some new ways to celebrate Halloween in Indianapolis?  Check out these great ideas

  1. Historic Irvington Ghost Tours –

The amount of love that Irvington shows for Halloween could probably take up the entire list.  We’ll narrow it down to the quintessential event: Ghost Tours!  Spend two hours learning about the history of Irvington, Indianapolis, and Indiana interspersed with tales of paranormal activity.  Get your reservations soon!


  1. Ghost Stories at Crown Hill –

Let’s all go to the cemetery!  No, seriously, it’ll be a good time.  Come see members of the Storytelling Arts of Indiana craft original stories.  Bring a flashlight, and wander around the grounds.  If you go for the R.I.P. reception (which is a pretty clever name), there are complimentary snacks and adult beverages.


  1. Frightful: Silent Halloween 2017

What do you get when you combine Sammy Terry as the emcee, Mark Herman on the organ, and Nosferatu (the 1922 silent film)?  One spooky-good time.  There’s a costume contest for best vampire (classical, original, and couple categories).  It’s put on by Indiana Landmarks and is one night only.


  1. Headless Horseman (All Fridays) / Scary Tales (Saturdays 10/7, 10/21, 10/28)-

Two very different shows  on two very different nights of the week.  Come on Friday nights to see the story of the Ichabod Crane improvised with your suggestions.  It’s an engaging show, but it’s not for all ages.  So make sure you are 17 years of age or older and be prepared to laugh your pumpkin head off.

On Saturday nights in October, it’s the opening run of Scary Tales.  The performers take suggestions from the audience to create never before seen tales of terrifying humor.  Think “Are You Afraid of the Dark” meets “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.


  1. A Haunted House –

Terrifying.  Google is a great place to find out more because I’m to scared to even post a link.  Seriously.  I had a guy chase me with a chainsaw when I was in 5th grade.  Now I’m into woodworking.  Coincidence?  Probably, but who’s to say?


  1. Connor Prairie Corn Maze –

We’re in the middle of Indiana, right?  Why not head up to the northeast side and get lost in our (unofficial) state crop.  I guess they have to use corn instead of soybeans otherwise people would simply step over the rows.  And, you know, nitrogen in the soil.  (I once had a mad scientist chase me in a different haunted corn maze, and I went to Purdue.  Coincidence?  Probably.)


  1. ZooBoo –

Ever seen a red panda eat a pumpkin?  Well here (might be) your chance!  They also have setup the carousel to go in reverse which is called a Round-Go-Merry.  Why they didn’t call it a Scary-Go-Round is beyond me.

…and if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s always the number one comedy group in Indianapolis.  Oh hey, you’re already on their website!